Types of Kaal Sarp Yog in kundli | Kaal Sarp Dosh Remedy

When all seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu, this equation results in Kaal Sarp yog in Kundli. There are 12 different kinds of kaal sarp yoga and doshas in horoscope which have different kinds of effect on the life of the native. Each kind of yoga has a different kind of influence and therefore it is very important to know the kind of dosha to know the effect of kaal sarp yog in kundli.

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Read on to find out these 12 kal sarp doshas and kaal sarp yog remedies to have better clarity about your life.

Different Types of Kaal Sarpa Yog and Dosh in Horoscope / kundli

Anant Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is placed in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house. Native becomes the target of conspiracies and is always a victim of betrayal. It results in late marriage or no marriage at all. There are no Anant Kaal Sarp yog positive effects.

Kulika Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 2nd House and Ketu in 8th. This kaal sarp dosh has effect on health as the native is always lazy and inactive. He has to work very hard to achieve his goals. Financial health will also suffer because expenses will always be higher than the earnings.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 3rd House and Ketu in 9th. With this kind of kaal sarp dosh in kundli, the native must be very cautious while signing any documents because he can land in troubles. Issues with family and friends are forecasted. Constant bad luck will make life full of troubles.

Shankphal Kaal Sarp Dosh
Rahu is in 4th House and Ketu is in 10th House. Native with this kind of dosha have a difficult childhood. He might get involved in bad activities in childhood or have bad company. They will face problems related with ancestral properties or immovable assets.

Padam Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 5th House and Ketu in 11th. This kaal sarp yog has effects on marriage, career and love life. Problems in marriage are predicted along with kaal sarp dosh effect on childbirth. Native must stay away from speculations and lotteries as they can bring loss.

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 6th House and Ketu in 12th. With this dosha, native will have a very different and negative perception towards people, situation and life. This will lead to loneliness in life. They will face problems in all their relationships.

Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh
Rahu is in 7th House and Ketu in 1st. Native must avoid business in partnership. Extra marital relationships will cause problems in marriage. Native will earn bad name for himself.

Karkotik Kaal Sarp Yoga
Rahu is in 8th house and Ketu in 2nd. This dosha cause lots of health issues. He has to struggle a lot in life. No benefits from any ancestral properties in the paternal side.

Shankhnaad Kaal Sarp Dosh
Rahu is in 9th house and Ketu in 3rd. Native will suffer from serious ego issues. He will have different religious beliefs. Issues with higher authority will also make things difficult.

Paatak Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 10th house and Ketu in 4th. Native will face problems in his job. Chances are that he might get into a wrong business. He will feel dissatisfied with his profession and will keep changing his job.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 11th house and Ketu in 5th. Native will face health issues and his children will also not be healthy. Problems with elder brother will always persist. He may have to stay away from home for work.

Shashnaag Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 12th house and Ketu in 6th. Lack of confidence will keep the native away from success. Weird dreams will disturb him. He will witness fear from unknown. He will face legal issues without any reason. Surgery in eye is also expected to happen.

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